Thursday, May 29, 2008


One of the cutest things Kris said to me before we got married was, "I can just picture us when we're 80 years old, at a wedding, teasing eachother, holding hands, happier than the bride and groom." I loved that image and I can see it too. Don't all married people hope for that? Maybe we're hopeless romantics.

Well, our little dream may have been SHATTERED THIS WEEKEND as Kris and his buddies...yes, got lost on Mount Shasta! Go ahead, ask do most people DIE (yep people die up there) while summiting Mount Shasta? What was that, getting lost in snow storms you say? RIGHT.

Had they brought the COMPASS I GAVE THEM, instead of just a topographical map, this would not have been such a problem. Ahem...

Alas, through prayers and more prayers - twice the clouds parted so they could see more than just a few feet in front of them to find their way. I call it a miracle. Kris is sure it was.

P.S. Yesterday we had a story-book reunion by a river in Oakland, CA. It really was like a movie... At dinner he even made me feel shy the way he kept looking at me, cute huh? (we all know I'm not shy)

P.P.S. I'm pretty sure he's "over" ice climbing. I'm very sure that I am.

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JenJ said...

Glad you are back safely Kris! See you two in about a month!