Friday, May 1, 2009

Bragging Rights

Congrats Jer!

My AMAZING brother, Jeremy, was just appointed to a Congressional Committee - the Online Safety and Technology Working group in Washington D.C. They are a working group dedicated to protecting children on the internet. See more about it:

NOT TO MENTION, Glenn Beck's team recently called him to interview him for a potential spot on the show because of a press release he and his equally awesome wife, Jill, wrote regarding the nomination of David Ogden to the department of justice...uhmmm, I LOVE Glenn Beck. The DAY he calls me to be on the show. Wow, Jer.

And since I'm on a roll I'll just brother has always excelled at everything he has done! He was a black belt in karate at age ELEVEN, is an Eagle Scout, won state in Pole Vault in high school, went on to Pole Vault for BYU, served an awesome mission in Brazil and then not only went to law school but got his masters in business at the SAME time and EVEN went on to get a Certificate of Dispute Resolution.

But the best part of all, is that even though he is a SUPER STUD ;) with lots of bragging rights, he is so humble and just full of integrity, kindness, and love.

He married an amazing woman and has SIX amazing children.

JER! You are my hero. I love you!! CONGRATS!!

P.S. Keep an eye on him, friends. You will hear his name again :)


JenJ said...

AND he used to let me play baseball with him and his friends...and spy, and keepaway and....

Jeremy Geigle said...

Thank you sweet Cath ... you are too kind! I love you.