Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tof's First Modeling Gigg

Toy Box Tees

Love it! Love it! So our buddies Ryan and Steph Blad made an online t-shirt company for kids. These t-shirts are awesome and a GREAT idea for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, whatever. We have two onsies already. Go get one!

Saturday we had a photo shoot for the company website. It was a blast. And Mr T's first modeling shoot :)

He's lookin' all tough and studly in this one. Really, he was looking at the camera, wondering what on earth it was and why he was laying on the really hard, uncomfortable wood floor - hence the furrowed brow.

These kids were SO DARLING! It was a blast for Kris to help with the shoot. Seriously, look at them. Soooo cute.

Ok so I can't remember what cartoon character this reminds me of. Somewhere in between an alien and a beetle. Cracks me up.

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ramsam said...

Awww Cath he is so cute! With a face like that he will sell a ton of onesies!