Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You never really know what kind of side effects meds will have... :)

I'm thinking he's more of a blonde :)

P.S. Other side effects: Last night he slept from 9:30 - 6:30. NINE HOURS!!!!!!


Amber said...

That kind of freaked me out at first... I didnt know what to expect but it wasnt that. Glad the meds are working for you. Take care.

JenJ said...

HA HA!!!!! :)
Kinda changes his look doesn't it? :) Yeah for happy baby!!!!

Janelle said...

Yay for 9 hours of sleep! Only drawback is that you probably didn't go to bed at 9:30 with him :) Hope you enjoyed the rest. He looks good with hair :)

Tara said...

That was hilarious-baby comb-over. We just know what he'll look like at 70!

andrea.roche said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad he's sleeping!!!!!! Things are looking up. I don't know how u got thru all that. I would have broken down.