Friday, May 16, 2008

5 Minutes of Fame!

Looks like our crazy little excursion last Saturday made it into the sailing newsletter! HAHA. Here is what they said:

"There were 5 boats on the water on Saturday and I feel the need to give one of the sailors (and his wife) the title of "Sailor of the Week" for this week. I don't know his name but he has an H16 with a sail number 3, just to give you an Idea of how old the boat was. Some of you may have seen him before but he got to the beach at about 3:15. He brought no beach wheels and had to drag his boat to the water. The wind's were blowing between 15 & 20 as he struggled to rig his boat head-to-wind (backwards).

All the veteran sailors were watching in awe as he (and his wife) launched his boat through the pounding surf and spray. They were soaked even before they got off the beach. And get this . . . . "no wetsuits!" His wife, not as enthusiastic as he but enthusiastic none the less, was right there with him. They sailed off into the late afternoon overcast as most of the other boats were coming in. One of the veteran sailors walked over to me and said 'That guy's gotta be crazy'. I leaned over to him and replied 'No, his desire to sail is just greater than yours.'.

I can remember just last year when Patrick and I launched solo in the same conditions and people called us crazy. Well, we were at least wearing wetsuits. Or the time that Carl (the mad man) and Tony launched in the fog. I was even calling them crazy. If we think back, we all can remember those times when the threat of harm or even death failed to deter us one bit from taking advantage of an opportunity to get on the water. This was before we got to the age where rational judgment sets in. Hmmmmm, I must not be there yet."

P.S. When he sent us the newsletter he said in the email, "Whether you know it or not, you have been an inspiration to many". And that, well that just made us feel good :) Even though apparently we are crazy and not detered by the threat of death. HAHA.

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JenJ said...

You are making some great friends!! Glad you get to sail!!! What a wife you are Cathy!