Friday, May 23, 2008


This is where Kris will be for the long weekend. He called it a "birthday present" for one of his friends. Ha. More like tricky word play, if you ask me. But I salute them, because women do that all the time. Nice work, dear.

Summiting Mount Shasta (14,000 plus feet) when it's FREEZING is not an easy task. I guess it makes them feel manly.

And I? Well, I actually went up over 15,000 a few years back BUT it was in Peru and it was warm and well, it was gradual. No ice axes, no crampons, no ice screws and ropes. Oh and I STILL got altitude sick for one day and it wasn't pretty. Had it not been for a lovely little donkey, I may have demanded a helicopter ;)

So while he goes on an andrenaline death wish, I'm going to my parents for the weekend.

P.S. Here's to a beautiful six months, honey. And here's to life insurance policies.


Wendle said...

I am not surprised that Kris is going on such an adventure. I for one, would be doing exactly what you are doing...NOT going. :)

Wendle said...

P.S. I really just love looking at your pics on the blog. Two beautiful and talented people makes for great entertainment I guess.

kris&cathy said...

Aaaaw, THANKS Wendy!! You just made my day. And yea, Kris and his adventures. This one is all for the boys and I'm having a lovely time hanging out with the parents :) while he is carrying a backup the size of a small child up a mountain for three days. I have to admit, I was NOT sad passing this one up.

Brian said...

Wow, Kris you do the craziest things. I'm glad to hear you are back safely. What a scary feeling of getting lost and not being able to see anything and not to mention being 15,000 ft up. Wow congrats for conquering that mt. I love the blog too, you guys do a great job on it. I took some notes for mine. It needs alot of work.