Sunday, May 18, 2008

Balboa Shoot

Just some of my favs. I was proud of myself for taking and photoshopping the ones of Kris. I'm learning. And yes, the beanie was the prop of the day :)

P.S. Balboa is great for photo shoots, a ferris wheel, and frozen chocolate covered bananas.


Janelle said...

You guys led such a fun life. I loved that sail boating story. Did you know that your life was in danger? You guys are made for each other.

kris&cathy said...

Ha! Not at all. I'm either ignorant or that guy was being a little dramatic. Not sure yet. Ha. I was just worried about tipping over and getting eaten by sharks! Although shark attacks are REALLY rare, but it's my irrational fear :) Then again, someone just got killed by a shark a few weeks ago...

We have fun :) Life is good.