Monday, May 19, 2008

Spiderman Kiss

What is it about playing in the rain that we love so much? Surrending to the moment? Feeling like a kid again? Connecting with nature?

Whatever it is...I'm not sure anyone loves it more than Kris and I. Southern California has eternally "good weather" so a big rain storm is like Christmas morning.

Plus, we all remember (and probably have tried to recreate) the infamous Spiderman I kiss. I'll spare you the pics.


TheFabulousJeriShank said...

Hey youre in my ward! (you sat behind me last sunday..Im new.) You two are too cute for words.

JenJ said...

Hey sis,
My friend and I both would like to know: do you hire a photographer to follow you around taking pics of you all day? How do you get them of you together? Travelling tripod? Come on, what's the secret?
Love you!

kris&cathy said...

Fun! I can't wait to meet you at church! And thanks for the compliments. Haha.

And for the next comment, Jen, yes we have paparazzi following us everywhere we go. He he. Pics with both of us are either the "one arm reach" or if we get lucky and have friends around - Kris, naturally, always has a camera on-hand :)