Tuesday, May 13, 2008

51% Shareholder

What color should we paint the kitchen? Well, we decided today - as I was sitting on the front of his longboard and he was pushing me to "Taco Tuesday" for dinner - that I get to pick the color. Why? Take a look at that pile of laundry.

APPARENTLY I am the CEO of our house, the 51% shareholder and executive decision-maker because when I'm not around (like, on a business trip, for instance) the laundry just grows and grows. All systems down.

We'll see if he can buy back a point (the breakfast in bed and flowers Sunday morning almost turned the market back in his favor).

P.S. And in case anyone was wondering...that was six loads.

1 comment:

Pobst Family said...

y Vote is A yellow! I totally think it would look good in your place. Good luck, let me know if you want help!