Friday, June 4, 2010


One of the reasons I really liked Kris when we were dating was because he is so even tempered. He just never gets riled up and mean....EVER.

While Kris and I were moving out of our rental back in December - we were already late getting everything out of the house, I was prego (and had a miscarriage), we just bought a house that was a foreclosure mess and were going out of town for two weeks while it was closing so we had to move everything into a storage unit. It was horribly stressful.

To top it off, Kris lost his ID and we had to get on a plane so he was climbing around in the dark, cold storage unit, ON his birthday, and sick as a dog, looking for his passport. One of our friends went out to help him. When he got back he mentioned to his wife that it was the first time he had ever seen Kris a "little stressed".

Well, this weekend when he had all that camera stuff stolen at the wedding ($4,500), I was so humbled I just can't stop thinking about it. He just calmly asked me to call around and try to find another 5D Mark II battery in case his ran out and he kept on shooting. The bride and groom had no clue anything had happened. Kris was smiling and laughing and dancing around all night having a blast. Who does that? I'd venture to say, not 1 in 1,000 men could be so calm and collected in a situation like that. Reminds me a lot of my Dad, who has been a lifelong hero of mine.

I'm just humbled and feel really lucky that my kids get such a kindhearted dad and I have such a nice husband. And I wanted to record that for posterity in our little blog book.

Love and respect you dearly, Kris.


JenJ said...

Yeah, we love Kris. Glad you guys found each other.

Cathy said...

Thanks, cute Jen.

And I must say, Brother Dustin Johnson, himself, is one of the most even-tempered people I have ever met as well.

Tara said...

Love it! This is one of the reasons I married my husband also!