Monday, June 14, 2010

Secret stash....don't tell Kris

Would any of you ladies dated your husbands in high school if you knew them?

So, a few months ago I had a post about Kris in high school and how this guy paid for him to get pics taken and sent him to New York to meet with producers bla bla bla. WELL, for Christmas at his parent's house I CAME ACROSS THE PICS!

He wanted to trash them (because he looks like a total poser, let's be honest). HOWEVER, I snuck them in my suitcase and have been WAITING to post them FOR MONTHS. Hahaha. He is going to kill me. We finally got a scanner that works with our Mac so here are two of them. I would have posted a few more that were so hilarious but he may have never forgiven me ;) These just look like glorified senior pics, but still make me smile.

Enjoy! Ha.

P.S. And to answer my own question....YES, I would have...I think he was adorable. Look at that face. HOT! Love it.


JenJ said...

Reminds me of you Cathy!! Why don't you post the poser pics of you in your highschool portfolio????!!!!!

Tara said...

Umm-my husband had Kid & Play hair in HS so maybe not so much! hahahaha!!!! But lets be honest, I was not a hot little # in HS either.