Monday, June 21, 2010

Isabella Oliver 51% off sale TODAY! (Maternity)

Ok, it's a designer maternity label so her stuff is expensive BUT I've NEVER seen or worn such cute maternity clothes...EVER.

Seriously. Even if you just want ONE nice maternity dress for your life :), you will be glad you got it here and today it is half off! Even if you aren't pregnant, I would get something to hold onto.

P.S. This stuff sells for more USED on ebay than she is selling it for today. Hurry, sizes are running out.

Check it out.


Andrea said...

No way I could spend that much ever! Cute stuff tho. Have you seen Targets new maternity line?

I think it's so cute. I'm going to order a dress!

Cathy said...

I know, it's so expensive. I was introduced by my old boss when I went on a business trip and was wearing the typical frumpy maternity work clothes. I must have looked pretty bad and unprofessional - haha.

She told me I had to check out this designer... :) So when the Vice President of Hewlett-Packards Finance department tells you to do something... Needless to say, I got a few things and loved them.

Pricey, although at half off, (and today I think 48%??) my favorite shirts are $30, so not too horrible.

I had no idea Target had a line. I'm totally gonna check it out, thanks!!

Kali said...

1st - you are way sweet. Like made my day sweet. I would love that. I will email you my address. And yes I have ann of green gables but they are VHS. (I don't even know why I haven't parted with them yet... something sentimental. haha) I don't have a VHS player anymore and thus haven't watched in a while. It would be perfect therapy. I need to make the jump up to dvd:)

2nd - your second comment Ryan loved... TOO much. OK I will admit that I thought it was pretty funny too. haha. you are great.

Kali said...

P.S. I will second the cute target maternity line.