Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Finished

After three of my friends declared this book a "must read" (starting a few years ago) I finally bought it and read it this past week.

Very good book. I recommend it. Very sad. Be prepared to cry a lot. I think I was already crying by page ten. But it isn't one of those sad stories that makes you super ticked off (like movies with bad endings). It's just plain TRAGIC and sad.

It's also moving, warm, funny, thought provoking, and interesting. I was surprised sometimes how the author managed to keep it a page-turner for me, even though the story spanned 20 years. Anyway, it also makes you very grateful for your life and your blessings and is a really cute love story.

Read it.


Kali said...

I will take you up on this. Thanks! Ummm... so I am in AK. P90X is in my suitcase and that is where it ends. I suck. where are you at? It has been a while since either of us last updated. email me:)

Janelle Day said...

I loved this book too, especially because it was in Arizona :)

Becca LeSueur said...

This is one of my favorites. . . I've read it twice and am starting it again for the third time. Glad you loved it too!