Monday, June 7, 2010

The latest!


Since we've been on the topic and I haven't done a photog update in ages, I thought I'd record the latest and greatest. Here are some of the more exciting things going on:
  • Kris recently signed a contract to allow his pier shot below to be used in the following book, “Beneath Blossom Rain – Discovering Bhutan on the Toughest Trek in the World by Kevin Grange about a 24 day, 216 mile trek he did in the Himalayas. His journey ends at the HB pier. Kris will be featured alongside Peter McBride—a photographer who shoots for National Geographic, Newsweek and Outside Magazine. Sweet!

  • A few weeks ago Kris shot the front and back cover of the book below. And apparently, in an online pre-sales screening they already sold $400K worth. Awesome!

Back cover (yea, that's my chair - craigslist :) West Elm)

  • Kris is now booking destination weddings. We have done shoots all over the west coast but now we have one booked in Atlantic City at the end of the pier in November and a few more on the east coast next year.
  • Ok, this isn't news, just shameless bragging, but that's what wives are for. Recently Kris was shooting a reception in Del Mar (fun swanky beach town by San Diego) and the woman at the reception center said she's been working there for 14 years and has seen hundreds of weddings and he is the best photog she's ever seen. I was so proud.
Kris, it's safe to say, you're rockin' it. Good job honey, and congrats!


Janelle Day said...

Sweetness!! That is so awesome. I wish you could send some of that financial "luck" our way :) He totally deserves it because he is so talented.

Tara said...

He defintely the best photog I have ever seen, in my ever-so-humble opinion. Congrats!

my rebel took over said...

Awesome! I was at that Del Mar wedding (my cousin) and I've seen the photos. They were awesome! I may have to try to set up a family shoot with him when he comes to shoot that wedding in Atlantic City!

Kali said...

So I just saw this post. Missed it somehow. You will have to send my congratz Kris' way. That is all totally awesome and I am truly so happy for his success. AND I am not the least bit surprised. He has a gift. Someday he will be famous and I will be privileged to say I know you both! :) Just promise me that he won't get famously expensive before I can someday get him to take us some family pics... :)

P.S. I saw a link to this pic of the ocean breaking on some rocks via twitter... I want to buy it. It is amazing.